Out in Front of Emerging Technologies and Opportunities.

HTSA thrives living on the forefront of today’s technologies, services and partners, to bring the strongest business opportunities to our members. Over the past six years, we've charted the course and set the industry standard for new technologies, making all boats rise. We constantly identify, evaluate and present members with innovative, new solutions to excite every homeowner.

Our Director of Technology Initiatives is a leading industry expert and the driving force behind our HTSA’s entry into new technology and market sectors such as LED and Architectural Lighting, Shading and Home Wellness. HTSA now touts the strongest partnerships with leaders in these areas, closely collaborating to advance the products and services our members can access.

When you are part of HTSA, you’re brought into projects sooner and have the knowledge and tools to both satisfy customers and empower your business growth. Our emerging technology goals are simple – to constantly search for and evaluate new, compelling opportunities and remain ahead of the curve for all stakeholders so they may expand in new directions as our world advances.