With complete purchasing, staffing and marketing benefits - HTSA's strategic alliances put the power in your pocket.


Alliances to Elevate Your Business

Over the years, HTSA has built invaluable alliances to bring great value to our broad range of Member services. We’ve worked hard to amass some of the best in the business – bar none. The world of custom integration grows more competitive every day, and it takes a team and every possible resource to achieve winning performance. HTSA works on your behalf, developing alliances to create that portfolio and win-win environment that’s necessary for your ongoing prosperity and success.


HTSA Strategic alliances that put the power in your pocket.

  • Exclusive Financial Benefits and Credit and Payment Options from Wells Fargo and Synchrony Financial
  • Unique Staffing Programs from The McQuaig Institute for Selecting New Hires, Motivating Existing Staff and General HR 
  • Best-In-Class Marketing Resources with Revenew Template Newsletters, Funded emails and CE Library of Content
  • Leading-Edge Online Marketing Services with Netsertive Search Engine Program, Social Media and Video Advertising and more 
  • Unique Nationwide Brand Partnership for Access to Exclusive Distributor Marketplace, Competitive Prices and an Array of Marketing and Video Services


With HTSA Alliances, You’re Part of a Winning Team.