HTSA Spring Conference Closes With Even More Enthusiasm Than It Opens, Thanks to an Agenda That Amazed, Amused & Even Scared

A Dramatic Presentation on Cyber Security, An Introduction to EOS®, A Surprise Visit by B&W's New Executive Co-Chairman, and a Huge Charity Event.


San Diego, CA, April 06, 2017: Home Technology Specialists of America (HTSA), the leading national hybrid-retail and custom integration buying group, closed their 2017 Spring Conference last week at the historic Hotel Del Coronado in San Diego with attendees even more energized when they left than they were when they arrived. A huge agenda that included several surprises kept attendees engaged throughout the event as the group celebrated the close of an incredibly successful 2016 and prepared for an even greater 2017.


A Packed Agenda

The group had much to discuss at their annual Spring Conference and Executive Director Jon Robbins kicked off the event with a dramatic State of the Union address that reviewed the organization's goals for 2016 and their resulting performance against those goals; a presentation that left both members and vendors cheering. Much of the overall enthusiasm was due to the fact that the organization had added a number of prominent new members during the year, partnered with several new high-end/high-performance brands, engaged in more consistent internal communications to proactively manage group performance, and delivered substantial sales increases with virtually all of their vendors.


Robbins told the group that, as a result, member rewards in 2016 were 125% higher than in 2015 - a win, win, win for the group, its members, and its vendors. And that huge member reward increase does not even factor in certain other rewards that are paid directly by vendors to members. "This is not about me," Jon Robbins, Executive Director of Home Technology Specialists of America, Inc. told the group. "We did this together, and together we’re going to have an even better 2017."


A Surprise - New B&W Exec. Co-Chairman in First Presentation to Any Industry Group


HTSA's event team managed to deliver a few surprises during the three day session that both delighted attendees and kept them fully engaged. One of those surprises that generated a genuine warm response from attendees - an unexpected appearance of the new Executive Co-Chairman and a principal owner of B&W, Mr. Dave Liu. This was Mr. Liu's first presentation to any industry group or organization since the acquisition of B&W.


Mr. Liu gave a twenty-five minute presentation in which he shared his perspective on the position of B&W in the marketplace and how they view their path forward with newly infused resources. Mr. Liu told the group that they have engaged many ex-Apple engineers and look to augment B&W's excellent market position as an aspirational luxury brand with an even greater focus on the end user experience...something his team knows all about.


At the end of his presentation, Mr. Liu took questions from the audience and it was clear that members appreciated his presence and his perspective on where B&W – an important line for the group – was headed. Likewise, Mr. Liu expressed B&W's desire to continue to work with HTSA as one of their main connections to the consumer.


'Scary' Cyber Security Expert Demonstrates Vulnerability of Residential Systems


Another presentation that generated a lot of buzz was by Rob Krug of Sonic Wall, a certified ethical hacker, who gave a very visual and timely demonstration of just how easy it is to hack residential systems. Krug showed a video where he had personally hacked into a randomly selected residential system and was able to “watch” the homeowner and family through their own compromised IP-connected security cameras. Several attendees were heard commenting on how "scary" they found Krug's graphic presentation.


To protect clients, Krug recommended that HTSA integrators make sure they test every network connected device they are installing, change all default access codes and passwords, and instruct homeowners on how to remain safe by, for example, avoiding phishing emails. Krug also showed the group how to construct truly secure passwords that are not hackable.


HTSA Entrepreneurs Introduced to Entrepreneurial Operating System®


Attendees were held in rapt attention during a keynote presentation by Mike Paton, an author, speaker, and leading member of the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) Implementer Community. EOS is a pragmatic, real-world program that offers entrepreneurs a practical method to help their companies achieve greatness.


Paton handed out workbooks and gave the group an in-depth preview of the EOS system, including explaining the six major segments of the EOS model: Vision, Data, Process, Traction, Issues, and People. By the end of the keynote presentation, attendees rushed to line-up to receive a signed copy of Paton’s latest book: Get a Grip.


During the event, the group announced it has created a two-day EOS Masterclass training session that will be held in Chicago for HTSA members and their leadership teams in June.


A Giving Group


At one point, the conference schedule provided attendees with the opportunity choose from a series of fun events - including one charity activity known as “HTSA Helping Hands.” More than forty attendees from both members and vendors chose to spend their rare free time participating in this charitable event.


Conducted in conjunction with World Vision Inc., participating attendees worked together to pick a selection of new school supplies and pack them into brand new backpacks – which were then prepared for shipping – destined for at-risk children in the U.S. According to World Vision: “Each Kit helps build self-esteem and frees up family resources for other essentials such as food, medicine, and utilities. With these essential tools comes the opportunity to engage in learning, setting the foundation for a brighter future.”


A Celebration of 2016; A Kick-Off to 2017


In all, the three day event offered a powerful mix of education, best practices sharing, networking, and group bonding. Included in the agenda was a celebration of the group’s spectacular 2016 results, and an introduction to strategic new programs that will drive even greater 2017 results.