HTSA Signs Agreements with Multiple High-End Brands, Offers Members an Expanded Roster of Higher-Tech Products and Services

Targeted Group of Select High-End Brands Shows Group’s Commitment to Drive the Growth of the Overall High-Performance AV Channel.


Barrington, IL, March 28, 2017: Home Technology Specialists of America (HTSA), the industry’s premier hybrid retail and custom integration buying group, is pleased to announce it has successfully closed deals with several new leading technology brands, helping members to fill out their assortment of high-end/high-performance products and services. These new brands, many of which offer the ultimate in high-resolution engineering, clearly demonstrate the organization’s continuing commitment to drive growth in the overall high-performance AV channel.


New Brands Supporting HTSA

HTSA has agreements with the following new brands:

  • European Audio Team
  • Peachtree Audio
  • Roon Labs
  • SurgeX
  • Luxul

Although each of these brands address different product and service segments, they all have a common thread running through them – each represents a high-end, high-performance alternative as compared to other brands. For this reason, each of these brands is a perfect fit for HTSA, which is a group that also offers a higher-performance alternative.

Partners in Setting a New Performance Standard

HTSA firmly believes that only by offering clients the highest performing products possible, can our industry show consumers what’s possible in audio/video performance. These products not only look/sound/perform better, but they also better “future-proof” installations to guard against early obsolescence.

European Audio Team: European Audio Team (EAT) says that music is why we are here. Music makes our lives richer, more meaningful and more substantial. With this in mind, the company offers an eclectic line of premium audiophile-grade turntables, tonearms, phono preamplifiers, phono cartridges, vacuum tubes and more. Winning copious accolades from the global audiophile community and media, EAT’s line of finely-tuned precision products – many of which are elegantly hand-made – will better connect listeners to the music.

Peachtree Audio: Ten years ago, Peachtree’s founders recognized that music lovers were moving more and more towards listening to computer-based audio. Yet, the audiophile community was slow to respond to this trend, preferring to stick to their analog guns. So Peachtree was created with the goal of combining the best of oldschool audiophile thinking where sound quality always comes first, with the freshest, new-school digital/computer audio savvy mindset. Digital music files are easy and convenient – and now, thanks to Peachtree Audio, they are also of audiophile quality.

Roon Labs: Can software be a piece of art? Fans of Roon wax eloquently and enthusiastically about this digital music file player/library management system that turns music listening, meta data-provision and management, and control into an art form. Widely praised and supported by the high-end community, it seems an understatement to describe Roon - as the company itself does – as “The music player for music lovers.”

SurgeX: A rock solid source of stable electric power is absolutely crucial to a client’s enjoyment of their high-performance AV entertainment system. SurgeX brings HTSA members a line of professional-grade surge elimination and power conditioning on which they can base their residential and commercial installations. SurgeX products provide the most reliable power protection and energy intelligence solutions available to safeguard critical equipment from damaging power transients.

Luxul: It is abundantly clear that one of the most important systems in today’s high-performance AV installations is the network backbone. Now HTSA members have access to Luxul – a leading supplier of simple-to-deploy professional grade IP networking solutions for use by custom installation professionals. With Luxul, installers can deliver the ultimate IP network without the complexity associated with traditional networking gear. All Luxul products include free lifetime support and a three-year limited warranty.

Attending Spring Conference in San Diego

HTSA vendors, new and existing alike, will be attending the 2017 HTSA Spring Conference at the spectacular Hotel Del Coronado in San Diego taking place March 27-30. This event, one of the key benefits of HTSA membership, will present an agenda packed with key presentations on residential network security, project management, outdoor AV, project management software, digital audio, and more.