HTSA Launches All-New ‘Masterclass Series’ In-Depth Member Education Initiative


Executive Director Jon Robbins Announces Custom Created Educational Initiative at HTSA’s Spring Conference 2016 in San Juan, Puerto Rico.


Barrington, IL, April 6, 2016:  The Home Technology Specialists of America (HTSA), an industry-leading national retail and custom integration buying group, announced at its Spring Conference 2016 and 20th Anniversary Celebration in San Juan, Puerto Rico that it is launching an all-new member education initiative called the HTSA Masterclass Series. Custom created for HTSA, this new series will take an in-depth, hands-on approach, identifying best practices of key elements of business and provide insightful training and practical tools for all members. The first Masterclass Series, titled “Sell More Audio,” takes place May 10-12  in Kennesaw, Georgia.


HTSA, in partnership with Nationwide Marketing Group, is holding this first Masterclass Series event in part at Nationwide’s PrimeMedia Studio facility, and in part at the Embassy Suites in Kennesaw, GA (near Atlanta). At this event, which is partially sponsored by digital marketing specialist Netsertive, a participating group of more than100 HTSA members and vendors will go through an intensive multi-day program to learn action steps designed to help drive the add-on sales of higher margin, high-performance audio in all systems sold and installed by group members.


“HTSA is committed to being a positive force in growing the high-performance A/V channel and this program is just one example of an initiative to do just that,” said Home Technology Specialists of America Executive Director Jon Robbins. “We have invested heavily in creating an all-new, deeply intensive two-day training program that will give HTSA members the tools and techniques to further drive their sales of high-performance audio products.”


The focus of Sell More Audio is to provide a comprehensive 10-point sales and marketing strategy that identifies each area of the member’s business that needs to be addressed in order to successfully roll out a company-wide Sell More Audio initiative.  By the end of the course, members will possess a pragmatic step-by-step action plan that will help them implement a new process for their team that will drive higher margin, high-performance audio attachment sales.


The Sell More Audio Masterclass has been in development for more than four months, and is based on input from high-performing HTSA dealers and vendors – including detailed case studies of select members’ audio businesses. The program was created in conjunction with The Deborah Smith Group, a well-known industry consulting firm specializing in sales and sell-through programs.


“We have found that our vendor partners are particularly enthusiastic about this initiative and many have rushed to assist us in the program design,” Robbins said. “The fact is, this program will not only benefit HTSA members and vendors – it will also, in accordance with an HTSA core value, help grow the overall high-performance A/V channel.”


In an industry that often seems bent on a  “race to zero,” HTSA’s Sell More Audio Masterclass is a powerful counter-force that will help members forge a new more profitable path by driving even higher levels of attachment sales of high-performance audio in all of their systems. The group plans on offering more modules in the HTSA Masterclass Series on other key business topics in the future.


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