HTSA Elects New Directors

HTSA Elects New Directors Adding Fresh Perspective and Insight While Maintaining Continuity

Barrington, IL, November 30, 2016: Home Technology Specialists of America (HTSA), the nation's leading retail and custom integration buying group, has, in accordance with the organization’s bylaws, successfully completed a nomination and electoral process resulting in the election of two new members to the Board of Directors. These new directors are Andrea Reiner of Innerspace Electronics (Port Chester, NY) and Terence Murray of Audiovisions (Lake Forest, CA).


Ms. Reiner and Mr. Murray will each assume their new role on the HTSA Board starting in January 2017. They replace outgoing directors Jim Richards of Future Home Systems and Design, and Navot Shoresh of Spire Integrated Systems, each of whom is leaving the board upon the expiration of their term.


Uniquely Qualified

Both Mr. Murray and Ms. Reiner bring decades of experience in custom integration to HTSA’s Board of Directors. In addition to this, both bring a diverse range of functional skills and knowledge to their role on the Board.


Andrea Reiner - In addition to her duties in managing the financial and administration departments of Innerspace Electronics, Ms. Reiner brings an extensive background in sales and marketing to the HTSA Board. Prior to co-founding Innerspace Electronics with husband Barry in 1988, Ms. Reiner’s background included serving an eight-year stint in marketing with technology powerhouse IBM. Ms. Reiner also has distinguished herself by spearheading Innerspace Electronics’ philanthropic activities through the Elf Foundation. Innerspace Electronics joined HTSA in 2008.


Terence Murray - Mr. Murray has a 25-year track record in the consumer electronics industry. Prior to assuming his role at Audiovisions as Vice President Strategic Development & Operations, Mr. Murray held positions with Best Buy, Co. (Senior Director of Services), Escient Technologies (Vice President and General Manager), and Phoenix Systems (General Manager and Partner). Mr. Murray also served on the Board of Directors for the trade group Custom Electronics Design and Installation Association (CEDIA) in 2014-2015.


“HTSA continues to benefit from its best-in-class retail and integration membership yielding spectacularly qualified candidates for its Board of Directors,” said Jon Robbins, Executive Director of Home Technology Specialists of America, Inc. “Each director brings a deep and unique experience, as well as a richly varied functional knowledge that helps ensure the continued success of the group. Andrea Reiner and Terrence Murray are just two more examples of the deep bench of power players helping guide HTSA to ever-greater levels of success.”


An Historic Election

HTSA is celebrating their twentieth anniversary in 2016 and perhaps this is the perfect time to have this organizational accomplishment punctuated with an historic exclamation point through this election. Ms. Reiner is the first woman ever to be elected to the group’s Board of Directors in its twenty year history.


“We congratulate Andrea Reiner on winning her seat on the Board, an historic moment for HTSA, and another in a long line of accomplishments for Andrea,” said Robbins. “The fact that in winning a seat on the board she also made history is not surprising to anyone who knows her.”


“I am very excited to bring my integration management experience, as well as my sales and marketing knowledge, to HTSA’s Board,” said Andrea Reiner, the first woman to ever become an HTSA director. “This is an exciting time to be a part of HTSA as it has achieved several new milestones this year, such as the launching of new educational initiatives, the group’s expansion with several prominent new members, and with new management - new momentum. I look forward to helping drive the organization’s continued growth.”


Unique Organizational Structure

HTSA is in many ways unique as compared to other seemingly similar types of retail/CI buying groups. First, it is a genuinely member-owned enterprise. Some organizations call their participating dealers “members” but those dealers don’t actually hold any legal ownership in the group. However, in HTSA, the participating dealers individually buy-in and collectively own the organization. This means that the organization exists solely for the purpose of generating benefits for all the group’s stakeholders – principally, the members themselves. Any revenues generated by the organization are put to work in a variety of ways, such as investments in creating programs that benefit members or other tools to facilitate the growth of the organization.


The Seat of Power

There are a total of seven Directors on the HTSA Board of Directors. The members of HTSA vote on a slate of candidates for the Board which is drawn from a pool of their peers, and who are each elected to serve a two-year term.


HTSA’s Board is not simply an advisory panel, it has total responsibility for the management of the organization. This responsibility includes setting the strategic direction of the group, monitoring and guiding the administrative staff - even hiring and firing the Executive Director.


In many other buying groups, the Board is often little more than an advisory panel – often serving only to reinforce the interests of the head administrator or owners. With no legal ownership, there is little the Board or members in these organizations can do, as they have no control over the owner or owners.


Bylaws Designed to Balance Fresh Insights with Management Consistency

HTSA staggers the terms of its directors such that in any given year, typically two (but no more than three) directors are changing at one time. This serves to ensure a steady and consistent management of the organization.


Continuity like this can be important as many initiatives are rolled out over multiple years.


“I am honored to have been nominated and elected by the HTSA member owners. I look forward to sharing my experience in growing companies and in organizational management with my colleagues on the Board,” said new Board member Terence Murray. “We are in a period of great opportunity in the ever-changing residential technology industry. I can assure all my fellow HTSA members that I feel the weight of the faith in which they have entrusted me by way of their vote.”