HTSA Overview


Most important of all, HTSA is member driven. Decisions are made by members for members.


Winning performance takes a winning team

Our Rich History

Formed in 1996 by a group of passionate consumer electronics retailers, HTSA was created to have a “voice” in the channel and to serve as a thought-leadership group. The guiding principal was to aid dealers in understanding best practices from like-minded individuals across the nation. Our association was built from the start as the ONLY member owned group in the industry. Twenty years later, this remains our guiding strength.


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HTSA Today

HTSA has grown to be the leading Trade Consortium and national association of specialty retailers and custom integrators, who design, specify and install premier residential and commercial electronics systems. Today's highly sophisticated technology solutions – ranging from home automation and media rooms, to lighting control systems and multi-room audio – demand a specialist to properly install them for peak performance.

Recently, HTSA set a turbocharged course for the stars and is traveling at the speed of tomorrow’s marketplace. Our members don’t have time for complacency or appetite for second best. The world of custom integration—our world—grows more and more competitive with each passing day, and it takes a winning team and every resource to achieve winning performance. That’s what HTSA is all about.


Our Partners

HTSA’s members are the highest performance integrators and we give you a seat at the table with the best-in-class brands in the industry. We enhance your existing programs with your vendor partners, and what we add is incremental. This combination is unbeatable. Our vendor relationships deliver exclusive programs and resources, giving members the absolute advantage. Our recent partnership with Nationwide pushes the performance needle even higher.


Benefits You Can Bank On

HTSA provides extensive, relevant marketing and education resources. We deliver countless tools, many of which are personalized for our members. Most of our Trade Consortium services are underwritten either fully or largely by our group. We offer valuable financial benefits and the most competitive rates in the channel through our partnership with the largest buying consortium in CE and home goods, Nationwide.


Get the Passion, Energy and Performance.

Most importantly, HTSA is member-driven. Decisions are made by members for members. We exchange the wealth of best practices and operational ideas that only comes from years of experience. We deliver world-class events, training and so much more. HTSA will reach the stars. We have the members. We have the vendors. And we continue to push the envelope with energy and passion unlike any other team in the business.

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