A Letter From the HTSA Managing Director

about_img01Generally, when one thinks of a “buying group” or any organization with “association” in its name, a certain image comes to mind: laborious meetings, unproductive conferences, perfunctory dinners, but nothing in the way of actual meaningful relationships.

HTSA could not be further from this. We work hard to set the standard of what a cooperative association of like-minded businesses and business executives can be. HTSA is a marriage of resources and ideas, co-mingling in an innovative and sharing environment, with the goal of helping one another to build successful businesses and forge lasting relationships with manufacturer partners.

about_img02Our willingness to listen to new concepts and quickly adapt to them has proven to be key to our success. We are an experienced group of custom retailers and custom integrators who have maneuvered the changes in our industry over the past two decades, and have emerged stronger for it. Our unique ability to challenge the status quo and work cooperatively with our manufacture partners—and each other—is the key to our long term growth and prosperity.

We lead the industry in our ability to cater to the most distinguished customers, to develop mind-blowing product solutions that integrate the coolest new technologies with the most diverse and hectic lifestyles, and the most awe-inspiring homes. Whether it’s the latest in home theater design, lighting control, streaming content that integrates seamlessly with home automation, gorgeous outdoor environments that blend elegantly with the rest of the home’s design, or whole-home security that brings peace of mind at home or away—if it’s innovative, intuitive, and beautifully installed, you can bet an HTSA member was involved.

Hana-corporate-headshotSo if you’re interested in joining our team, or if you want to learn more about us—whether you are a custom retailer, custom integrator, or a manufacturer seeking ways to reach our market—feel free to contact me at any time.

Bob Hana
Managing Director, HTSA